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Chalk Sculptures

Chalk Sculptures.

When you say chalk, we get blackboard chalk and at the most it's a temporary marker or for decorations. But when we were supposed to write about these chalk sculptures, we did bit of Google and we were surprised with the results. We never knew that there were so many other uses for chalk.
Did you know that chalk can be used in agriculture for raising pH in soils? Or it can be used for cleaning and polishing and can also be used as fingerprint powder?
Apart from these there are some really smart uses for chalk: remove grease stains, clean ring-around-the-collar, sand a surface evenly and lot more.
Now coming back to our Chalk Sculptures, once we saw these Chalk Sculptures we knew about chalk art and chalk carvings.
These Chalk Sculptures come from Thomasartworld. Thomas carves these micro sculptures on single chalk pieces, and he takes about 2 to 6 hours depending on complexity. He is a talented artist and got fascinated with micro carvings at age of 10 and started it. He started the carvings by simply carving human faces, later moved over to much complicated sculptures. His artworks are available on order and can be customized.
Chalk Carving