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People Are Coming Up With New Slogans For United Airlines

In case you had your phone on airplane mode and didn't see the news 10 April 2017, a passenger was removed by force from a United Airlines flight after the carrier overbooked their seats. The good people of the Twitter sphere clapped back in the most hilarious way possible - by coming up with new slogans for them.

Fly the Friendly Skies, the company's current motto, didn't seem to apply to one man flying from Chicago to Louisville. The airline had overbooked the flight, a common practice used to ensure all seats are sold, and was forced to deplane him. When he refused, aviation security officers dragged him out of the aircraft, bloodying his face in the process.

Videos of the incident taken by other passengers have since gone viral, and this latest Twitter trend is set to create an even bigger PR migraine for United. Check out the best new slogans below, and throw us your own in the comments.