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Leaf Art

We often leave leaves alone because we take them for granted. But what if we did not leave the leaf alone? Okay, now that we have got that bit of wordplay and pun out of our system, let us get down to the business of talking about interesting leaf illustrations. What do we mean by leaf installations? Rein in your thoughts and mind before you start thinking in terms of something complicated and involving a lot of technical maneuvers, let us tell you this is anything but. It is simple and makes the most of the different shapes in which leaves come in. In fact, once you read what we have to say and view the images we have given here, we will not blame you for trying to kick yourself for not thinking of this first. We are talking about simply taking leaves and use their lovely shape and form to come up with different works of art. You could add this to your portfolio of innovative examples of leaf painting, if you have not already done so. It is not to be compared to other leaf based art where colors are extracted from a leaf to create a work of art like beautiful henna tattoo designs, which come from the henna leaves.