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Cross Stitch Street Art – Embroidered Art

Sometimes, one wonders about how some arts have been lost along the way in the name of technological advancements. But then one can also see a tiny ray of hope emerging when some ingenious people take an old art and give it a new makeover that ensures that it lives on. In this instance, we are referring to embroidery or needlework and more specifically cross stitch, which is one of the types of stitches used to create a magical design on cloth. Today, artists have taken cross stitch out of its existence on cloth and brought it to the streets. The thing about embroidery though many may refer to it as old fashioned and archaic is that it created a lot beauty and calmed down many a heart with its soothing qualities. And you also have to know that not all embroidery was very complicated and if you do not believe us, then take a look at excellent applique embroidery designs and patterns that could be easy enough to undertake once one mastered the basics of it.