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ONE Dollar Bill Art Illustrations

So, before you even start reading this article leave alone start trying your hand at this art, you have to ponder whether you can afford it? And if you can, then you have to promise that you will handle money (which is what a dollar bill is in essence is) with the kind of respect and care that it deserves. Because if you don’t, you are likely to regret it later no matter how well off you are right now. That is why we have decided that it would be good to start with this caveat though taken from the artistic point of view, this is an interesting thing to do. The dollar bill has been overlooked when it comes to looking at it from an artist’s point of view because we look at what it represents to us than how it is made up. If you look at the world of illustrations to keep you occupied, we are sure that you will find plenty of options and some of them may involve the use of materials that are more pricey than dollar bills but even then there is a certain guilty pleasure in using a dollar bill to do it.
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