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Best Couple Rain Photography

When it comes to photography it is not only the object that you are focusing on but also the composition of other elements in the photo that add to the drama and the look of the shot. There is no doubt that one of the elements that photographers seek out is water. Water is a life force that makes things look different; you can notice some effect in these glorious examples of underwater photography.
Couple in rain

Couple in rain2

Couple in rain3

Couple in rain4

Rain makes things softer and more romantic which causes people to go crazy when it rains. You can see this factor coming into play when you watch couples cavort in the rain. The rain seems to afford them a coating of soft romance that makes people rush out holding hands. Couples in the rain makes for good photos as the whole thing takes on a very different look that would not appear in pictures clicked when the light is different. When you look at the most beautiful pigeon photos, you will know that even something as mundane as a pigeon looks different in rain, and then you can imagine what it will do to a couple in rain.Beautiful Examples of Couple in the Rain Photography

In the same way, the importance of location, light and other factors also play an important role in some of the best wildlife photos of the past. One of things that add an aura of romance and mystery to photography is that of rainfall. While rainfalls with its downpour of sheets of water makes things look wonderfully romantic, can be a difficult pose to shoot. But those photographers who are expert in the composition of these photos have used their skill with the lenses and captured these photos.


What makes the photographs even more remarkable is the fact that they are of romantic couples. Rain always seems to bring out the feeling of romance among young as well as not so young couples who are in love. There is something about the hot passion and intense love that these couples have that contrasts so well with the cool rain. - – - – - – - –

When it comes to rain, no one can claim to be untouched by it. It is the force of nature that nurtures life and makes things grow. In this case it also lets love and passion grow. At least that is what the photos convey in these pictures. It is true that in past where romance was not so openly indulged in, at least in public or in today’s world where couples are so open about their relationship, rain has been a part of the equation. - –

Many a romantic couple will tell you that some of the fondest memories they have of their romance includes those lovely walks in the rain. That is why so many movies have used rain as a backdrop to portray a hot romance between tempestuous couples. - – - –

Rain does not only make people and their rain gear look different, but even trees and plants look different in rain. Rain somehow makes the green of leaves look more intense as well as washed clean and flowers seem to gain a coating of shiny crystals with the falling of rain. Though it may sound like a terrible cliché, the sight of a couple cavorting in the rain will always remain a classic. These photographs manage to capture the essence of rain and the way it makes things more romantic