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Best Alive Architecture Photography

What is alive architecture and what does it imply in the world of art? To understand this concept, you have to understand that architecture was earlier considered something that was to be valued only for the way it looks. Therefore, no matter what the structure felt like to live in and use, it was important that it was striking to look at. However, alive architecture is something that came into place to considering that architecture is something that has to be of utilitarian value for the person or person occupying it either for living or as a workplace. That is the art of architecture and the beauty of it as it keeps evolving in its scope as well as it definition.

It is okay to simply concentrate only on the aesthetics when you are talking of architecture simply in terms of wonderful origami architecture patterns. But when you consider a place where humans live and make such things as rooftop gardens to make your world better, the aliveness of the architecture tends to play an important part. We have looked at what alive architecture mean in the general sense of the word, now it is time to look at some examples via photography.

This will show us some important considerations that go into alive architecture, such a relevant concept in today’s world:


Best Alive Architecture Photography

It is all relative: When you look at space and the way the concept of architecture puts it, you will soon wrap your mind around the concept that space is relative and this will depend on the people and the circumstances. In certain spaces especially when it comes to homes and offices, the spacing factor is all about being relative to the needs of the people in that space. What may seem like too much space in one context can seem restricting in another.

Works with weather: The thing is while the beauty of a well-designed building when done well by a talented architect is undeniable. However, the aliveness of the architecture will only be proven when the design is in keeping with the weather and climatic conditions of the place. If not, the whole concept of architectural design and utility comes apart at the seams.

Use and utility: A kitchen for example no matter how well created has to be a space where meals can be prepared with safety and relative speed. If this is not part of the kitchen design, then the architecture of the kitchen would not be considered alive. It is important that kitchen be designed in such a way as to allow the preparation and serving of nourishing meals in the best possible environment.

Fitting and fulfilling: Another thing that will make any architectural structure come alive is the way it fits the people who use it and is fulfilling the purpose of the structure. The fact is that this is something that is really dependent on the individual or the group of individuals or the establishment that is going to be the end use of the structure.

Alive Architecture Photography Examples (40)

The photography of alive architecture will have to be done not only through the vision  of the camera lens but also from the view of the heart’s vision or else you will never be able to differentiate between architecture that is alive and that which is not. Even as a viewer of such pictures, the idea is to literally place yourself in the location and get an idea about how it would feel to be in that space. Soon we are sure that your way of looking at works of architecture will change a lot.