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8 Best Bourbon Brands For All Tastes

Lovers of spirits, unite. Over the time, bourbon has become as much of an American symbol as baseball, football, or any other things typically associated with the USA on an internal level mostly. We don’t talk about the eagles and guns, obviously. But several good decades have passed since America took the recipe for the famous whiskey and tweaked it in order to produce what would become bourbon. With the right balance between all of the ingredients, you’re able to get the best bourbon you’ve ever tasted. Fortunately, we have some examples.

Best Bourbon


For all those seeking to enjoy the finer side of liquor, our 8 Best Bourbon Brands For All Tastes provide enough variety to burn down your throat.

#1 Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve

After letting the liquor grow and better for 20 years, the quality of the drink is pretty much a given. For devotees, Pappy Van Winkle is pretty much the pot of gold at the end of the scorching bourbon rainbow. Prices for a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle can elevate to as much as $1,500, but this is one of those instances when most people turn a blind eye to the price tag.

#2 Jefferson’s Presidential Select

Named after one of America’s great founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, this amber-colored liquor is produced from roughly 15 casks of whiskey being set to the side for about two decades. It’s an explosion of dizzying aromas, including cinnamon, pecan pie, vanilla, and citrus essences.

#3 Michter’s Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon

The thing that stands out most about Michter’s is that they seem to be very generous when placing a price for this 20-year-old gem. The value is situated around $600 despite the fact that many liquor stores and experts estimate that e bottle of this Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon is worth at least $1,000. Just a sip out of it is enough to make you understand why.

#4 Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit

There have been many nicknames given to this particular brand, all of which illustrate its wild spirit and its ability to scribble up recipes for some of the most incredible-tasting bourbon types in the world. Kentucky Spirit is, perhaps, their best work, managing to blend together citrus flavors with nutmeg and brown sugar.

#5 Woodford Reserve 1838 Style White Corn

Even without being a bourbon expert, it’s easy to deduce from the name alone that this is a brand with tradition that aims to preserve the recipes and methods initiated by their founding bourbon pioneers. Some methods are still used today, such as triple distillation and aging in copper barrels.

#6 E.H. Taylor, Jr. Barrel Proof

There is one way to properly describe this liquor: pre-Prohibition. There was a time when whiskey was poured into bottles straight from the barrel without any filters, cuts, or alterations added into the mix. E.H. Taylor is staying true to this method even today, which we assume is a great-working method. They do have some of the best bourbon, don’t they?

#7 Four Roses Small Batch

Four Roses is one of those names with a big resonance in the industry, mostly for its historical value. The company stopped producing bourbon for a while, but the demand was so high, that production was started again under the supervision of a Japanese beer-making company.

#8 Booker’s Bluegrass

We don’t know if Bioshock: Infinite’s Booker had something to do with this, but Jim Beam Distillery Master Distiller Booker Noe certainly had. His recipe promoted rawness and strength, something you can easily discover just by a simple sip. The bourbon is left to age for seven years, bottled without any filters, and, as a result, we get a drink that’s two-thirds pure alcohol. Not for the faint hearted.