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7 MOBA Games That Everyone Needs To Play

It almost seems like every type of game these days needs to have some shortened name that starts with an M and involves multiplayer interactions and a lot of friendships destroyed over a bad strategy slip. MMORPG’s used to conquer the gaming market, but recent years have been met with a change and now yet another M game (not that kind of game) category rises up to the challenge – MOBA games.

MOBA Games

We do feel like it’d be proper curtsy to explain what this all stands for, but “show and then speak” is one of our mottos. We trust that it’ll be really easy to understand what MOBA games are all about when we start listing the examples. Speaking of the wolf, here come the examples!

#1 League of Legends

Literally the only example you could need when you really think about it. League of Legends, also commonly known as LoL is very likely the biggest trendsetter among MOBA games. If not this, it’s surely one of the biggest and most resounding names in this specific category. It’s gotten to the point where it became a famous choice for e-sports tournaments. Yes, that involves prizes and money. No, it’s not that easy, actually.

#2 DOTA 2

Dota 2 is quite similar to League of Legends, though there are some minor changes that earn it a better reputation than several other entries on this. Some of the biggest changes include the fact that the roulette of heroes presented there is available in its entirety, with players not requiring to unlock the rest of them. Good graphics, good gameplay, and a fair balance for free and paying users – these are all factors in the recipe that makes DOTA 2 a compelling game.

#3 Arena of Fate

Arena of Fate doesn’t deviate too much from the standard formula for MOBA games, but it manages to shine through some alterations that have become mildly frustrating in the genre. The biggest change has to be the addition of time limits in the gameplay, which finally makes the early game stage matter a lot more. There are only so many times you can wander through woods and bushes to farm for 30 minutes straight.

#4 VainGlory

VainGlory is a mobile device game, which helps you take the experience of MOBA gaming everywhere. In some senses, the game is still growing, but the biggest asset is the fact that it’s a lot smaller. Not in a bad way, of course, but rather in a way that praises the developers for having smaller maps. This, overall, means shorter gameplay and a lot more encounters from early on in the game.

#5 Strife

Strife is definitely a classic MOBA game, but it also incorporates some MMORPG elements by granting players the chance to get pets and win buffs and power-ups. The purpose of the developers was to reduce the competitive aspect of MOBA games in order to create a friendlier atmosphere. Accent is placed on support roles and the overall game is meant to reduce toxicity.

#6 Heroes of the Storm

Aside from being a genuinely good MOBA game, the winning point of Heroes of the Storm is that it brings to the gameplay several memorable characters from popular titles put out by developer company Blizzard Entertainment. Those familiar with StarCraft, Diabo, or War of Warcraft wonders will marvel at the possibility of destroying some enemy territories with their favorite heroes.


Just like all other MOBA games, SMITE wanted to be something else while simultaneously providing the MOBA experience. They accomplished it by changing camera perspective and offering us 3D, third person views from the back of the character. This, however, increases gameplay difficulty, which makes it not so ideal for beginner MOBA players.