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7 Funny TV Shows On Late Night TV

We don’t know for sure at what point did late night shows become a thing big enough to give us such a great amount of variety. This is even more puzzling, actually – why are there so many of them? Why are almost all of them successful? Is it because they air late in the night and there is a little voice in our head subconsciously telling us that this means something a bit more unorthodox might be in the bag concerning the topic list? They’re some real funny TV shows, that’s it.

Funny TV Shows

Courtesy of NBC

Most of them manage to blend satire into their thematic, whatever it is. Some deal with politics, some do interviews, some do sketches – one thing is for sure, these are the best of them all and they have earned rightful spots among the highest-quality funny TV shows airing while your kids are sleeping.

#1 “Late Night” with Seth Meyers

Just like Doctor Who, Late Night can pride itself with regenerative hosts that helped the show thrive and bloom ever since its first episode aired in 1982. The initial tenure belonged to David Letterman, who was followed by three other hosts: Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Meyers, the show’s current host.

Despite its generic-seeming title and apparent simple formula, it’s clear judging by the show’s long run that they definitely did something right in order to keep it fresh and exciting. Aside from the minor tweaks, Late Night also constantly adapted to the personality of the host.

#2 “The Daily Show” with Trevor Noah

The Daily Show is a news satire program started in 1999. During its run, it had three hosts, the last of which, Trevor Noah, took his seat at the desk of the show in 2015. According to the hosts, the topics of the news coverage tended to change. Craig Kilborn’s initial tenure was filled with media references, whereas Jon Stewart tended to make it a lot more politic-oriented.

#3 “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert became the host of this satirical program in 2015, a program which represents the reincarnation of CBS’ famous Late Show franchise. The flag was picked from David Letterman, something that’s definitely very difficult to live up to. Fans that have followed Colbert from the times when was hosting The Colbert Show, however, are aware of his charming potential.

#4 “The Tonight Show” starring Jimmy Fallon

As of late, some may argue that Jimmy Fallon has become a controversial figure, in the sense that you either love or hate him. Whichever it is, there’s no denying that Fallon’s program is leading among funny TV shows just as it’s leading in terms of YouTube views. The Tonight Show is packed with mini games and fun instances that just scream “Internet viral.”

#5 “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Jimmy Kimmel’s popularity comes from similar reason to the other Jimmy mentioned on the list. Plenty of big names cross the threshold of his studio and his constant recurring gags and segments really keep people with raised expectations. We really have to thank him for the invention of the “Reading Mean Tweets” segments.

#6 “The Late Late Show” with James Corden

Know “Carpool Karaoke?” This is the man to thank for it. Corden has been around for a while, of course, and there’s no denying that he’s endearingly charming and a joy to look at. But it’s the cozy interviews and sing-alongs with celebrities that really blew up the Internet. Plus, why are they all surprised that he can sing pretty well? He starred in Into The Woods!

#7 “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver

John Oliver graduated the The Daily Show school of late-night funny TV shows, like many other hosts seated in front of modern talk shows. It’s ranking the lowest simply due to the nature of the program, which is riddled with often highly serious topics and with only a mix of satire.