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25 “Pin-ispiring” Facts About Pinterest That You Probably Didn’t Know

Pinterest is without doubt the world’s biggest online catalog of ideas. Many dedicated pinners see it as a source of inspiration, while others choose to use the site as a supplement or complement to their work. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest is a “quiet” and unique social media platform where you can casually browse and bookmark visuals without worrying whether other people will like or comment on your posts. Pinterest is a platform that gives you the opportunity to express yourself and allows you to broadcast your tastes and lifestyle to the world, even if that lifestyle is just the stuff of dreams.

Pinterest is super easy to use. It is also a different and fascinating way to make friends since what will really connect you with others in a visual conversation of sorts are your interests and lifestyles rather than your educated or uneducated opinions on a wide variety of subjects. Most importantly, there’s no need to worry about privacy, since you’re not sharing any personal information when you’re on the site. So, if you’re not familiar with the platform yet, here follow 25 “Pin-ispiring” Facts About Pinterest That You Probably Didn’t Know and will get you logged in and pinning today.


The idea for Pinterest grew out of CEO and cofounder Ben Silbermann’s love for bug collecting. He says his bug collection is “Pinterest 1.0.”

bug collection

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Pinterest started with just three employees in 2009. Seven years later, it has more than five hundred.


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Pinterest was founded by three friends, Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp, who like to collect all sorts of things and thought it would be fun to bring the idea of collection making to the Internet.

Paul Sciarra

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Ben Silbermann initially hoped to become a doctor, but instead he founded Pinterest during the Great Recession. He often talks about how he survived early failures and built the site for the long term.


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Zappos shoppers are thirteen times more likely to share a purchase on Pinterest than on Twitter.


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In 2013, more than twenty percent of American adults were utilizing Pinterest. This makes the site slightly more popular than Twitter or Instagram, though all three still lag far behind Facebook.


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An estimated forty-seven percent of American online shoppers have made a purchase based on recommendations they discovered on Pinterest.

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While Google+ is the most male oriented of the major social networks at seventy percent, more than seventy-nine percent of Pinterest users are female.

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Maybe that explains why Pinterest initially received little media attention compared to other social platforms. The tech press is mostly male, and Pinterest is heavily trafficked by women.


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Approximately half of all Pinterest users have children.


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While Pinterest uses Facebook Connect to let Facebook members log on and publish their activity to their Facebook newsfeed, Pinterest may pose a threat to Facebook as more people spend more time pinning rather than connecting with others on Facebook.


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When launched in 2009, Pinterest was initially a closed-beta, invitation-only site. By January 2012, Pinterest had become a household name and had more than ten million unique visitors each month.


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Pinterest has introduced an opt-out code Web publishers can embed on their sites, which prevents pinners from republishing material.

opt in

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Initially, no one wanted to invest in Pinterest because they didn’t want to invest in a start-up that had non-tech founders. Additionally, none of the early investors who reviewed Pinterest could understand why anyone would want to spend so much time collecting and displaying things.


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In 2012, Pinterest attempted to monetize its content by incorporating company-sponsored pins into regular user content with Skimlinks software. Users became upset over the lack of transparency in the affiliate links system.


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The design that Pinterest uses is called the jQuery Masonry layout. Though it had been used before, Pinterest was the first site to take the design to mainstream success, showing how the traditional reverse-chronology layout could be successfully broken.

10. youtub

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According to the breakdown of its racial demographics, Pinterest is a platform white people prefer. Eighty-five percent of its users are white, while eight percent are Hispanic, seven percent are African American, and only three percent are Asian.

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According to Pinterest, its mission statement is to “connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting,” “to help people to discover what they didn’t know they wanted,” and “to get people offline to do the things they love.”

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In a 2013 Pew Internet & American Life Project survey of one thousand American adults, nearly twenty percent of female Internet users were on Pinterest, compared to just five percent of men.

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A TODAY Moms’ survey of seven thousand American mothers has shown that forty-two percent of them report suffering from “Pinterest stress,” or not feeling crafty or creative enough.


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A porn site called Snatchly advertises itself as “your online pornboard” or “Pinterest for men.” Additionally, Pornterest is a Pinterest copycat site devoted to porn.


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Nowadays, Pinterest is considered more popular than e-mail for sharing different things, including favorite hairstyles, cars, and, historical moments. It is surpassed only by Facebook and Twitter.


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The very first pin on Pinterest was in January 2010 by CEO Ben Silbermann. It was a picture of a Valentine’s Day gift.

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Pinterest reached the ten-million-visitor mark faster than almost any social media platform in history. It is the fastest-growing independent site in the history of the Internet.


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The most popular pinner on Pinterest is Jane Wang, who is cofounder Ben Silbermann’s mom.

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