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Who Is The Strongest Superhero?

Who is the Strongest Superhero Ever?

This question has been haunting us for a long time. And, to be honest, it will probably continue to do so. The reason for this is simple: there are no statistical ways to form an answer to this question, so everything is mostly opinion-based and highly subjective. We all know how well that goes down on the Internet. Who is the strongest superhero? Subjectively, plenty of people.

Who Is The Strongest Superhero?

But the most important aspect most of us seem to be eluding is that there is no way to properly analyze all of the known superheroes and consider it fair to compare them. When we ask “who is the strongest superhero,” this can refer to so many things. Which one is most likely to outlive them all? Who has the most impressive set of skills? Who has the biggest physical strength?

With all of these factors being taken into consideration, we’ve tried to line up a few possible contenders.


He’s not only DC’s biggest icon, but he is also one of the first picks for people who wish to proclaim a superhero as the ultimate strongest. And, truth be told, they have all the reasons to. Any non-magical attack is essentially useless against him, he is able to fly to space and stop meteorites and crashing rockets, and his only weakness is an incredibly rare alien rock.

Every skill that Superman possesses is nothing short of a superlative, just like his name suggests. He’s a good blend of resistance, of physical strength, of speed, and the strength of will necessary to give every hero a boost.


Now we’re starting to pick things a little bit apart. Can he fly? Absolutely not. Can he lift planes with his bare hands? Of course not. But he has one particular skill that he’s so good at, he might just be the “cockroach” to survive the apocalypse when it wipes out all of the other heroes.

The thing with Deadpool is that no matter how many times Superman would turn him to ashes with his laser eyes or punch him into oblivion, Deadpool would always come back. At this point, he’s essentially immortal so, one way or another, he will always be the winner of a battle.


Here’s another aspect, one which refers to strength a lot more literally: physical force. Many people say that the resolution to Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 should be Hulk punching Thanos to death. As funny as it sounds, that’s actually what should properly happen!

Hulk is the only realistically undefeatable member on the Avengers team and he has a physical strength that can go on par with godly forces, as shown by his confrontations with those of the likes of Thor and Loki.

Doctor Strange

Stephen Strange makes me bring up another aspect to this mosaic of a question: the supernatural. Some superheroes rely on their alien attributes, some on mutations, some on their mystic powers. Considered to be the “most powerful human on Earth,” the Sorcerer Supreme is basically a hardcore Harry Potter with martial arts training.

With all these things considered, who’s to know what the real limitations of amulets, runes, and ancient powers are? Throughout the history of comics and their stories, superheroes from different environments have often found some real obstacles in magic.

Jean Grey

Last but not least, there’s another underside to this discussion. What of the mental abilities? Sure, there’s strength in being able to punch a plane into Mars, but people often say that it’s the mental scars that heal the slowest.

As far as psychic abilities go, Jean Grey is the most powerful of all curtsy of the array of skills provided by the Phoenix. She can do everything from telekinesis, telepathy, mind control, force barriers, and many other things. What good would Superman be if he was mind controlled into jumping in a barrel of kryptonite?

As a conclusion, it’s hard to determine one winner. Traditionally, Superman would be the best pick because he manages to balance really well the skills necessary to an indestructible hero. But his life would really be tough if he were to ever go on par with one of these other aforementioned characters.

How about we just make them all team up to defend us and call it a day?