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Facebook Games List – Best Picks In 2016

How’s Facebook doing these days? Slowly but steadily, it seems like it’s starting to lose a jarring number of young users, leaving the social platform in the hands of people above the age of 40. That definitely doesn’t change the fact that billions of people have made, at some point, Facebook profiles and that it’s still going strong with its influence and position. Aside from giving us a platform of communication, we were also given a Facebook games list. Playable directly on the website, they’ve become insanely popular, enough to drive copious amounts of money back to the social media.

For all the lighthearted gaming junkies, we’ve compiled a list of Facebook games that are so surprisingly addictive and entertaining that it will be too late before you realize you’d spent ten hours playing without a break.

Facebook Games List

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#1 Candy Crush Saga

Speaking of addictions, there’s no worse demon among games for this than Candy Crush Saga. Players have invested hours, effort, tears, and copious amounts of money in order to get past some levels that have become so impossibly difficult it almost seems surreal. Who knew arcade was still going so strong?

#2 FarmVille 2

But, wait! It wasn’t Candy Crush Saga that invented gameplay that’s so addictive it will have you still play the game at 3 AM in your bed with all lights turned off and an abominable back ache. This was all FarmVille’s doing, now having its legacy carried out by FarmVille 2. Prepare a lot of canned food by your bed because sowing and crops have never been this exciting.

#3 Pet Rescue Saga

Make a game about matching blocks, add the word “saga” at the end of the title, and you’ve earned yourself a game that’s guaranteed to ruin your life. Unlike Candy Crush, Pet Rescue Saga unfairly taps into our emotions by urging us to match and break in order to save some adorable little pets.

#4 Dragon City

We’ve always loved dragons. Well, maybe with the exception of people in the dark ages who wrote songs about mythical heroes slaying these fire-breathing lizard hazards. But we’ve never loved them as much as now, in the 21st century. In order to feed this small obsession, developers created a game that’s all about breeding, naming, and growing tens of different types of dragons.

#5 Angry Birds Friends

Or just any of the Angry Birds games, really. This is just the one most appealing to 2016. Even though it may seem like the Angry Birds trend faded away, can you say the same about Tetris? Doubtful. This is because, when a game it’s addictive, it’s also timeless.

#6 8 Ball Pool

Powered by the king of excellent flash games, Miniclip, 8 Ball Pool gives you exactly what you’d expect from it – a neat multiplayer experience. Through its sheer simplicity, it became one of the greatest Facebook games, with over 10 million players per total.

#7 Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

Just like pool, sometimes simply catering to the simplest of needs is the key to success. Poker is one of the few card games that truly bring out a lot of nerves, sweats, and rivalries. You can now test them all out against 60 million other players all curtsy of Facebook.

#8 Criminal Case

Point-and-click games, especially hidden clue ones, have been around for quite a while, but they were always uncannily expensive, weren’t they? Perhaps this explains why this murder-solving puzzle game is such a big hit among Facebook users.

#9 Clash of Kings

No, not the George R.R. Martin book, but if it increases the fun level, imagine it so. In a way, it’s kind of the same thing. It’s a strategy game and it requires a lot of planning and maneuvering on the player’s side should they want to get to the very top.

#10 Top Eleven

Top Eleven is a must-play for football enthusiasts who wish to have a taste of something different. Tired of being put directly on the field? Then switch up with this game, which puts you in the position of a team manager instead.