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When Accidental Art Is Better Than Your Actual Art

Some people study art and go through years of practice until they create a masterpiece. Or at least something close to that. And others make breath-taking contemporary art without even intending to. we has compiled a list of accidental art to show that sometimes the most beautiful art is just pure luck. Have you created an accidental masterpiece? Then add it to the list below and don't forget to vote for your favorite!


The Guy At Walmart Looked At Me Like I Was Weird For Taking A Picture Of My Paint Before He Could Mix It. I Thought It Was Awesome

Deer Formed From An Accidental Drop Of Black Paint

I Accidentally Painted A Silhouette Of A Forest In My Last Sip Of Coffee

My Daughter Dumped Out Her Acrylics In The Sink

Work In A Paint Store, The Tint Came Out Looking Like A Volcano Erupting

Polished Layers Of Car Paint From An Old Factory In Detroit

She Chose The Wrong Place To Take A Nap

This Is What Happens When The Triple Foam Breaks At The Car Wash

How It Looked After Tinting Paste Dropped Into Paint

My Paint Fell On The Floor And It Looks Way Better Than Anything I've Done

Truck With 14 Tons Of Paint Rolls Over Painting The Road In Vibrant Colors

The Sink After A Day Of Art


Kids Behind A Fabric Screen During A Festival In Toronto

A Bunch Of Old Photos Got Left In The Rain

Drips Of Gelato Form Interesting Pattern

Fire Making Its Own Art