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Top 10 Best Universities In USA

The USA can pride itself with some of the most illustrious educational institutes in the world. In fact, a very large majority of roughly 70% of the Earth’s greatest colleges are occupied by those in the United States. But, exactly, which are the absolute best universities in USA? Based on official statistics released for the year 2015/2016, we’ve ranked them all, so read further to discover the crème a la crème.

#1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Best Universities In USA


For four consecutive years, the MIT has been ranked as the top institution in the world and it has all the reasons to be there. It managed to release through its gates numerous notable alumni, all of which graduated as experts in one of their renowned science or engineering-oriented programs.

#2 Harvard University

If age were a marker for the quality of a university, Harvard would definitely win the first stop judging by that alone. Founded in the second half of the 17th century, it had plenty of time at its disposal to build its reputation and perfect its educational system to the point where, today, it’s one of the most renowned in the whole world. It’s specifically famous for its life science and medicine domains, coming in close to Cambridge University in terms of humanist studies.

#3 Stanford University

Stanford is second to none in the field of entrepreneurial and business-oriented programs. In fact, it’s not too shabby when it comes to technology and engineering either, only being overshadowed by big sister MIT previously mentioned. The truly spectacular part about Stanford is the fact that some of its undergraduates pursued careers that led to them constructing titanic companies such as Google, Yahoo!, or Instagram.

#4 California Institute Of Technology (Caltech)

Caltech is definitely a top university in the field of natural sciences, being a constant entry in yearly top ten universities in the world. Although it only harbors 2,200 students, making it the smallest one on this list, it proves that it’s not the student number that defines the fame and quality of an educational institute.

#5 University of Chicago

Chicago’s university is highly regarded on an international level especially for its arts and science courses. In the case of the latter, most of all, we can attribute a lot of discoveries and inventions led by the research team. One prominent example is the development of the first man-made and self-sustaining nuclear reaction beneath the university’s football field.

#6 Princeton University

Best Universities In USA


Having opened its gates for the first time in the 18th century, Princeton University managed to develop quite a reputation in the fields of humanities and arts. Despite its prestige, it wants to ensure that studying there is an open opportunity for plenty of people, which is why it provides generous financial support.

#7 Yale University

Another historical university founded all the way in the 18th century, Yale drew all eyes on it when, one century later, it offered the first PhD in the United States. Among its many famous and notable alumni, we must mention three US presidents and over a dozen of future billionaires.

#8 Johns Hopkins University

Having received its name from its first benefactor, Johns Hopkins University stood out over the years through its excellent natural science and medicine courses. One of its interesting achievements is the fact that it was the first research university in the country.

#9 Cornell University

Located in New York, Cornell University was responsible for being the first one to offer a major degree in American Studies and the first one to offer a degree in journalism. Needless to say, there’s no wonder that one of its graduates was someone was famous as Bill Nye, the “science guy.”

#10 University of Pennsylvania

You know you can place all your trust in a university when it was founded by one of the USA’s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. It’s a definite entry in most top twenty best universities in the world, having earned a reputation for medicine and natural science most of all.