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Realistic Food Bookmarks From Japan

If there’s one thing that Japan does even better than food, it’s fake food. You can even find entire shops dedicated to wax bowls of ramen and tonkatsu that are used by restaurants to showcase their dishes. But as you can see from these bookmarks, the Japanese use their fake food in many different ways.

Similar to the wax offerings, these fake food bookmarks are incredibly realistic, so much so that they kind of make us hungry. They come in 8 different varieties in order to cater for the different tastes of the consumer, so whether you’re into your bacon or salmon or perhaps just a simple fried egg, you’re sure to find a bookmark to suit your personal culinary preference. You can buy them online from Tokyo Kitsch and they retail from between 10 to 15 USD. Bored Panda can also confirm that they make better bookmarks than actual pieces of food. Our bookshelf will never look the same again…

More info: Tokyo Kitsch | Facebook (h/t: spoon & tamago)