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Post Before & After Drawings Showing Your Progress As An Artist

Hey pandas, I have been always struggling with drawing. Even after practicing it for a while, my drawings still suck. Recently, I watched a professional artist create illustrations and I was completely shocked at how easy and fast she was drawing. Now I feel hopeless.
So my question is - is it a talent you are born with or can you learn it with lots of practice? Post your before and after pics of your progress.


13 Years Progress Of Drawing An Eye

My Little Sisters Whale When She Was 8 Compared To Her Now At 26

Age 6 Vs Age 26

From 2013-2015

2008 (3 Hours) Vs 2015 (15 Minutes)

Age 16 Vs Age 23

My Progress

2013 Vs 2014

2010 Vs 2016

1970 Vs 2015

2001 -2015

2003 Vs 2015

I've Only Recently Started Using Charcoal And I Think I'm Progressing Well!

2005 And 2016

2005 - 2015