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20+ Ridiculous Reasons Why Kids Cry

Children cry for many different reasons... Not having their mommy by their side, not wanting to eat their veggies, not having who to play with - you name it. But did you know that a child could also cry because of not being able to eat the rest of a football? Well now you do, thanks to 'Reasons My Son Is Crying' - a website created by father Greg Pembroke. He collects photos sent from parents around the world, and posts them to his website. He's even made a book which you can buy on Amazon! Check out this list of the most ridiculous reasons why children cry compiled by us.

Do you know any other hilarious reasons why children cry? Add your picture and quote to our list below and don't forget to vote!

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She met Barack Obama

He met Iron Man... out of costume

He doesn't want to go (even though we've repeatedly told him we're not going anywhere)

Microwave ate his lunch

He met Bill Murray

I wouldn't let him eat the rest of the football

I told her Darth Vader was the bad guy

He couldn't fit all the crayons in one hand

The muffins didn't come out of the oven cold

Miley was on TV

She found out that I have a name other than "Mum"

His dinner isn't ready

Someone ate all the muffins (it was him)

I wouldn't let her wipe my butt

I said "good morning"

Her brother joined her for breakfast

I told her she can't marry daddy (...or her brother)

I wouldn't let him finish eating dirt

The dog was in the way while he was trying to push the chair

I told him he could not take his unwrapped tampon out to run errands

I Broke This Cheese In Half
I Broke This Cheese In Half
He Can’t Find His Rubber Ducky
He Can’t Find His Rubber Ducky
She Wanted To Travel Inside The Suitcase
She Wanted To Travel Inside The Suitcase