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Portraits of Renowned Artists by Gisele Freund

Gisèle Freund is a German photographer and sociologist recognized all over the world for her talent and her portraits of renowned artists. Here is a selection of some of her pictures, with the name of the artist in description. Painters, writers, sculptors and known architects all over the world for their genius, captured by the objective of the photographer, which leaves that way an indelible trace in the History and the memory.

Man Ray in his studio, Paris, 1967

Alberto Giacometti, Paris, 1966

Marcel Duchamp

James Joyce

Virginia Woolf

John Steinbeck

André Malraux

Simone de Beauvoir

André Breton

Frida Kahlo and her doctor, in her house in New mexico, 1951

Henri Matisse, Paris, 1948

Henri Michaux, Paris, 1972

Le Corbusier in his studio, Paris, 1961

Le Corbusier, Paris, 1961

Max Ernst and his sculptures, Paris, 1968

Pierre Bonnard, Le Cannet, France, 1946

Pierre Bonnard on a bench, Le Cannet, France, 1946