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20+ Reasons Why Husbands Can’t Be Trusted

Ever heard the saying "if you want a job doing well then you better do it yourself?" Well, the wives of these husbands clearly haven't, because if they had they wouldn't have asked their significant others to do any of the things that you can see in the pictures below. this list showcases the best of husband comedy and the worst of husband ineptitude. Although we're pretty sure that most of these things were done on purpose. At least, we HOPE they were done on purpose, because if they weren't then the future of mankind looks even grimmer than expected.

Do you have a husband who specializes in failing? Are you yourself a husband who can't get anything right? Then add your pictures to the list below and don't forget to comment!


Came Home To This Last Night

Last Night I Asked My Husband To Put Some Spaghetti On The Stove So I Could Start Dinner When I Got Home

So I Asked My Husband To Buy 6 Potatoes

Asked My Husband To Do A Lattice Over The Apple Pie I'm Making. This Is What He Came Back With

Wife Bought A Label Maker To Help Get Organized With Our New Daughter. I'm Already Finding It Helpful

Walked On My Husband Walking The Cat Across The Ceiling While Singing "Spider Cat, Spider Cat Does Whatever A Spider Cat Does"

I Asked My Husband If He Could Pack My Lunch This Morning. I Told Him To Surprise Me. This Will Be Lovely With My 2:00 Coffee

When You Ask Your Husband To Pack Your Lunch

Asked My Husband To Watch The Baby

Asked My Husband To (Hand) Whip Some Heavy Cream. Hear Strange Noises And Walk In On This

My Attentive Husband Playing With Our Daughter

I Am 5'1". I Asked My 6'2" Husband To Hang A Mirror For Me

What Happens When I Send My Husband To The Store And There's An Ice Cream Sale

I Might Have To Kill My Husband

My Dad Didn't Bother Reading The Card Before He Bought It

Once Upon A Time, I Sent My Daughter And My Husband Off To Buy Her Some Nice New Clothes

So My Friend Asked Her Husband To Wrap At Least One Shirt, This Is What She Got

Asked My Husband To Do Laundry

I Left My Husband Alone With The Baby For One Hour And Came Back To This

So Husband Reorganized Our Bookshelf