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The Most Expensive But Completely Useless Things In The World

the cost, spending more than a million dollars on an accessory for their dog, a special bed that floats, or even a roll of toilet paper made out of gold.
While there are likely several other expensive and useless items out there, the ten on this list are pretty amazing. It seems that most of them can’t even be used what they were intended for, mainly out of fear for damaging the expensive and fragile items.

 $3.2 million Dog Collar

 $1.38 million Roll of Gold Toilet Paper
 $600,000 Chess Set
 $595,000 Ruby and Diamond Pen
 $130,000 Yalos Diamond LCD TV
 $68,500 Cricket Ball
 $15,000 Diamond Contact Lenses
 $14,450 Gold LEGO Block
 $14,000 Tea Bag