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Top 10 Weird Races

Wife carrying race

There are many thoughts to how this sport first originated in Finland. Tales have been passed down from one person to another about a man named Herkko Rosvo-Ronkainen. This man was considered a robber in the late 1800s, lived in a forest, and ran around with his gang of thieves causing harm to the villages. From what has been found, there are three ideas to why/how this sport was invented. First, Rosvo-Ronkainen and his thieves were accused of stealing food and women from villages in the area he lived in; then carried these women on their backs as they ran away, (hence the “wife” or women carrying). For the second idea, it has been said that young men would go to villages near their own, steal other men’s wives, and then have the woman become their own wife. These wives were also carried on the backs of the young men; this was referred to as “the practice of wife stealing." Lastly, there was the idea that Rosvo-Ronkainen trained his thieves to be “faster and stronger” by carrying big, heavy sacks on their backs, which could have eventually evolved to a sport because of the hard labor (endurance), and muscle strengthening; which most sports ensure. Even though this sport has been considered by some as a joke, competitors take it very seriously, just like any other sport.
Wife carrying is now practiced in the Australia, United States of America, Hong Kong, Estonia and other parts of the world besides Finland, and has a category in the Guinness Book of Records

Bridal Race
Around 100 young Serbian brides-to-be take part an annual race in Belgrade for a chance to win their wedding dress. 

Fake Horse Race
One of Britain's most bizarre racing events, the annual Pantomime Horse Grand National Race, is also one of the most fun.

Eating Race
The Doughman Challenge raises money for local Durham charities and in its six-year history it has raised more than $100,000. Welcome to the real “hunger games.”

Stiletto Racing
Glamour magazine hosts an annual stiletto race. Young women strap on their tallest heels (3.5″ minimum, to be exact), and run a 50 meter course in hopes of winning a $3,000 gift card. Most of the women taped their shoes to their feet, but that did not stop the barrage of trips, slips, and falls

Santa Speedo Run
The Santa Speedo Run is a weird and unique fundraising event like no other. It began in Boston in 2000 with 5 guys just looking to spread some holiday spirit by running through Back Bay in only Santa hats and Speedos. Since then it has grown to include 700 men and women each year and has become an annual holiday tradition that has hosted thousands of participants who have helped to raise over $1.4 million for local children in need.

The Mud Run
The Mud Run is an adventure race where contestants hurl themselves through mud-pits, bog holes, and waist-high mud rivers on a challenging cross-country race. Participants challenge themselves to either a 6km or 12km course that traverses the forests, grasslands, and creek crossings, according to the Mud Run website

Lobster Crate Race
The Maine Lobster Festival is an annual event during the summer celebrating all aspects of the Maine lobster industry. It is held at Harbor Park in Rockland, Maine and attracts tens of thousands of visitors.
Highlights of the Festival include the crowning of the Maine Sea Goddess, cooking contests, and a lobster crate race, in which the goal is to walk across as many partially submerged lobster crates as possible before falling into the water; the record is 4,501 crates crossed by a 12-year old boy from Connecticut

Steepest Race
The Red Bull 400 is only 400 meters in length, and yet it just might be the toughest race of that distance in the world. The race takes place on the face of a vertical ski jump! It is so steep the runners have to crawl their way to the top! Competitors race up the side of a mountain in Planica, Slovenia in a grueling test of speed, strength and endurance. 

Zombie Race
Run For Your Lives is a 5K obstacle course adventure run series created by Maryland-based Reed Street Productions. Like other obstacle races, runners navigate through various terrain and physically challenging obstacles. Unlike other obstacle races, runners try to dodge and escape from zombies roaming the course trying to grab flags from runners' flagbelts, similar to flag football.
The event is billed as training for when the real zombie apocalypse comes. During and after the race, people attend the Apocalypse Party which has live music, beer, food, vendors, and games. Costumes, team uniforms, and zombie make-up are highly encouraged at the event and add to the lighthearted atmosphere