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Car and Automotive Photography with Miniature Photo Subjects

21-year-old Kim Leuenberger has a fascination with miniature vehicles. She is able to depict these small scale models in circumstances that mimic real-life situations and locations, with an occasional exaggeration here and there. While her series shows different vehicles including various scooters and even a ship, she seems to like a particular icon of the road. She appears to have a particular affinity with the air-cooled VW.

She has quite a few pictures showing the Volkswagen Transporter in several different locations and conditions. The vintage model kombi can be seen crossing several of flooded streets, or traversing a rocky coast or shoreline. There are also a few shots of the classic, ubiquitous beetle, characteristically outfitted with over-rider bumpers, roof rack and the vintage “bug eyes,” depicted immersed in typical beetle pursuits.

One dilapidated bug can be seen heroically crossing a narrow mountain, while many of the other shots imply a more laidback day, with an obvious trip to the beach as surfboard and canoe are conspicuously loaded on top of the scale model’s roof rack. She even has a model of a rare VW Hebmüller going about its way one fine day.

It is a cute and lovable series that could easily find its place in any car aficionado’s collection.  Kim was always drawn to photography, starting with a camera at quite a young age. She acquired her first DSLR model merely two years ago as a present to her for her nineteenth birthday. She currently uses a Canon 5D MK III and is largely self-taught.
Although obviously belonging to the digital age, Kim is no stranger to using analogue cameras. She got an old Contax from her grandfather and some lomography cameras as well. Kim asserts that a total photographer must know the history and roots of the art.  She also loves to travel whenever she can. Kim grew up in a small town nestled between the mountains of Switzerland. She has always had an insatiable appetite for discovery and exploration of the world.
Go on over and enjoy the exciting exploits and adventures of Kim Leuenberger’s miniatures over here. She is indeed a young photographer with an interesting view.